Dust Extraction

When it comes to dust extraction a properly designed Local Exhaust ventilation system (LEV) is extremely important and must meet the minimum performance parameters stipulated in HSG258 whilst satisfying the requirements of health and safety legislation. Inhalable and respirable dust has a major impact across a wide spectrum of industries from international pharmaceutical giants to small woodworking shops with just a couple of employees.

At Flamefast Extraction Solutions, we work hard to provide a package of equipment that will help you achieve effective dust extraction with the ultimate aim of providing clean breathable air in a dust-free working environment that complies with health & safety standards.

Our qualified and experienced project managers will guide you through the process from the initial consultation through to installation, commissioning, after sales services and finally annual LEV tests…we are with you all the way.

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Effective extraction starts with the capture of airborne dust and contaminants at the point of creation. We select the best method from a vast range of options which can include full enclosures, partial enclosures capture hoods and even specialist tools with integral suction for connection onto a centralised vacuum system.

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The conveying of dust particles at the correct speed is critical if you want to avoid blockages in the system. Dust is predominantly lazy and will happily lay in the ducting system if the airflow isn’t sufficient to move it along.

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The heavier dust particles will be collected in sacks or bins and the small respirable particles will be captured by a carefully selected filter system appropriate for the contaminate type but can include cyclonic separators, electrostatic precipitators & wet scrubbers.

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The Dangers of


  • Chronic Health Dangers
  • High Risk of Fire & Explosion
  • Breaking the law (COSHH)
  • Fines for non-compliance

The Benefits of

  • Safer Working Environment
  • Less cleaning up
  • Comply with the law
  • Less airborne dust
  • Improved working life on machinery
  • Lowered risk of fire or explosions
  • More Energy efficient working systems
  • Warranty on certain equipment
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Our Services

Flamefast Extraction Solutions offers effective dust extraction solutions with bespoke LEV design while adhering to your brief , budgets, safety & timetable and will successfully manage and control your local exhaust ventilation (LEV). With over 30 years’ in Dust extraction solutions our knowledge and experience will allow for the following care-free professional services...

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COSHH which stands for “Control of Substances Hazardous to Health” classifies dust as one of the hazardous substances that needs to be controlled. It is therefore important to consider the dangers within your workshop in order to assess what is needed for effective dust control. Dust from metal work such as grinding dust and woodworking dust in particular can cause serious health issues which is why it is important to implement good practise for dust control from the capture of dust particles through to the transport via the ducting system and finally collection.

For more information on COSHH please visit: The Health & Safety Executive

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Certification & Qualification

  • Products:
    • ATEX compliant
    • British, European and ISO standard
  • Engineers:
    • P601, LEV testing – all engineers
    • P602, NEBOSH – Managers
  • Work, Installs & Servicing
    • The Health & Safety work act
    • COSHH
    • EH40/94


Our Dust Extraction services are available throughout the UK for the control of hazardous contaminates such as wood waste, flour, cereals, grain, sugar, spices, plastic, paper, metal, silica /brick dust and waste powder thereby supporting a variety of industries including:

Education & Training Facilities

Extraction Solutions for Schools, Colleges, Universities, UTC's and Training Facilities

Food, Beverage & Agricultural

Extraction Solutions for Food & Beverage Processing Facilities such as Bakeries, Restaurants & Food Factories


Pharmaceutical dust & fume extraction systems for the removal of hazardous, chemical dust and waste from Laboratories

Joinery & Carpentry Workshops

Effective Wood Dust Extraction Systems to remove wood dust from Woodworking Workshops such as Carpentry & Joinery

Metal & Mineral Processing

Fume & Dust Extraction for Metal & Steel Fabrication Industries to remove contaminants caused by welding, sanding and grinding dust

Aerospace & Automotive

LEV Systems to fit the stringent demands of Aerospace and Automotive industries

Construction & Industrial

Range of products and services available to assist with the Dust Control for the industrial and construction industry

Waste & Recycling

Venting and Extraction Solutions for all types of Waste and recycling industries

Case Studies

Click on an image for more information and to enlarge

Stansted Aerospace

Lancing College

Berry BMW

Kerry Ingredients

Monier Redland

Kerry Ingredients

Calder Foods

Nutritional Blending Solutions

Greencore Grocery

UTC Warrington


Stansted Aerospace Ltd-Saffron Walden

Extraction of solvent fumes using VariVac extraction hoods and a Centrifugal fan

Lancing College-Lansing

Extraction system implemented to capture fumes from hot metal works

Berry BMW & MINI-Heathrow

Exhaust fume extraction system with fan and ducting

Kerry Ingredients UK Ltd-Hartlepool

Stainless steel open fronted dry filter booth to capture dust particles created during weighing and dispensing

Monier Redland Ltd-Lutterworth

Extraction of paint fumes and particles using a articulated arm with capture hood and in-line filter.

Kerry Ingredients UK Ltd-Orton Southgate-Peterborough

Capture of dust clouds created during mixing using a stainless steel open fronted enclosure connected to a ducted system and filter unit.

Calder Foods (Manufacturing) Ltd. Carlisle

Capture of dust clouds from weighing and pouring ingredients into a container using a stainless steel extract hood connected to a ducted system and filter unit.

Nutritional Blending Solutions UK Ltd-Swindon

Capture of dust particles created during the process of producing nutritional capsules for the body building market using a small articulated arm connected to a ducted system and HEPA-13 filtration unit.

Greencore Grocery-Selby

Installation of custom designed stainless steel dust capture hoods to enhance the effectiveness of the existing LEV system.

UTC Warrington

Extraction of soldering fumes from a Flamefast DS430D forge

Dust Extraction

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