What are Fire and Smoke Dampers

and why are they so important?

These passive fire safety units are crucial in preventing the spread of fire and smoke through a buildings HVAC system (Heating, Ventilation and air conditioning) and it is therefore a legal requirement for them to be inspected and tested annually as per BS 9999:2017 regulations.

The testing and maintenance however does not need to be a painful process and Flamefast Extraction Solutions will aim to make the process as affordable and convenient as possible while adhering to the stringent requirements to ensure your safety

Fire & Smoke Dampers serve as passive fire protection within buildings to fulfil a critical role towards fire safety, and is therefore vital that they are kept in a good working condition at all times. It is with this in mind that Flamefast Extraction Solutions offers you our annual service contract which includes Maintaining, Cleaning and Testing of all accessible Fire and Smoke Dampers along with full documentation.

Should an employee or tenant die in a building fire, and poorly maintained ductwork and fire dampers is found to be a contributing factor to the death, those responsible are liable for prosecution under the Corporate Manslaughter Act 2007

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Our Comprehensive Services

There is always a risk of damper failure which can materialise for several reasons such as broken parts, dirt build-up, ageing, incorrect installation, rust, problems with the actuators to name but a few. Regardless of the reason however it is imperative that dampers be repaired as soon as possible and kept in a clean working condition.

In order to ensure the precise install, testing and cleaning of fire and smoke dampers, a qualified engineer with the correct certification and training is the most advisable option. At Flamefast Extraction Solutions our team of specialist engineers have undergone the training and certification required to effectively look after your fire, smoke and combination dampers.

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We can locate fire/smoke dampers and take inventory

Fire Damper servicing icon


Photographs of the dampers will be taken before and after testing

Fire & Smoke Damper Testing icon


All the required test will be performed including drop test to ensure working order of dampers

Fire & Smoke Damper Cleaning services icon


We will clean, lubricate and reset all dampers

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Compile comprehensive report and if applicable advice repairs

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Optional repair and replace of dampers if required and approved

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The Dangers of

FAULTY Fire & Smoke Dampers

  • High risk of Injury or death caused by fire or smoke inhalation
  • Breaking the law (BS 9999:2017)
  • Fines or possible prison sentence
  • Higher risk of extensive damage to building or property
  • Potential rejection of insurance claim in the event of fire

The Benefits of

WORKING Fire & Smoke Dampers

  • Effective Dampers can save lives
  • Stops ducting becoming a weak point during a fire
  • Complies with the law
  • Minimises damage caused by fire
  • Assists fire fighters
  • Compulsory for certain insurance claims
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Our services are available throughout the UK for the install, testing, cleaning and maintaining of β€˜E’ and β€˜ES’ rated Fire Dampers for a variety buildings types...


These range from pubs, offices, department stores, restaurants and more


Schools, Colleges, Universities, UTC's and Training Facilities


Fire & Smoke Damper services for buildings in the medical sector


Servicing for Civic Buildings such as Libraries, Theatres, Museums


Fire & Smoke Damper Services for Industrial buildings e.g. Factories, Foundries, Warehouses.


Fire & Smoke Damper Services for Courthouses, Police stations, Prisons etc.


Damper Testing and Services for building in the agricultural sector


Transport, Military, Religious

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Certification & Qualification

    • ATEX compliant
    • British, European and ISO standard
    • Fire Damper Reports compiled to BESA TB001 guidance notes
    • Fire Damper installation to BESA DW145
    • The Management of Health & Safety at Work Regulations 1999
    • British, European and ISO Standard
    • P601 Qualified Engineers (LEV Testing)
    • P602, NEBOSH Qualified Management
    • COSHH
    • EH40/94

Fire Damper Testing

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