H & V Ductwork


H & V Ductwork System

Flamefast Extraction Solutions supply and install ductwork and associated extract fan systems and for general Heating and Ventilation applications. We choose from a wide range of ducting manufacturers both circular and rectangular and have alliances with the majority of fans manufacturers for bifurcated, centrifugal or in-line extract units. Our own starters, invertors and control systems are also available to optimise performance and energy efficiency.

A correctly designed and installed ducting system will not only greatly increase the safety, performance and efficiency of a fume containment or capture system, but will also minimise running costs and keep noise levels to a minimum.

Various Ductwork Systems

Flamefast work with various ductwork systems including Truduct, Spiral systems, rectangular mez flanged ductwork & fire rated, Jacobs gasket ductwork stainless steel up to 6mm, fabricated mild steel any gauge, exhaust stacks any size and height.

All Flamefast site staff hold the required:

  • CSCS Card
  • IPAF Boom and Scissor
  • Banksmans and Slinging
  • CITB – Site Supervisor
  • Fork Lift Truck License

Example applications include

  • Brick
  • Wood
  • Wood chippings and shavings
  • General Industrial
  • Polishing
  • Buffing

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