What to do if your Annual service is due during COVID19?


Flamefast are here to help!


Before considering postponing your annual D&T machinery and Gas Safety checks it might be worth considering that when you open, there will be another 2,500 schools and colleges wanting their work to be carried out in the first few weeks of the new term so they can start teaching again. 

Based on that workload it would take literally months to catch up and allow safe use of your D&T and Science rooms.  If at all possible, why don’t you let us in to do the works and be ready?


We will of course only be offering this while the government says it’s OK to do so.


Following government guidelines, our Engineers have been equipped to ensure strong safety measures are in place to protect not only themselves, but also those around them from possible contamination by:


  • Adhering to staying 2 meters away from others at all times.
  • Washing hands frequently and after every site visit
  •  Decontaminating / cleaning handled work surfaces


Our aim is to ensure we can continue to keep relevant departments operational once schools reopen by ensuring critical systems are serviced and checked.

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