Dust Extraction, What Does It Mean?


Flamefast are vastly experienced in the field of extraction. Flamefast provide a design and installation service based on our customers needs, and any identified needs of the business.

We work on the principle that not only will good dust extraction keep you safe. But it will increase operational efficiencies, save on running costs and keep noise to a minimum.

Anybody who works with woodwork is already aware that a good dust extraction system is a necessity. Working conditions can severely effect the productivity of your business and its workers.

Lets look at health.

Poor health can come in many forms… bronchitis, emphysema and other flu-like symptoms. Some waste that can be dealt with via an extraction system has been known to cause cancer! Wood dust could easily contain chemicals and possible fungi. Airborne fungi can lodge itself in the lungs and cause a multitude of health complaints.

Why is it important

Flamefast offer a large range of dust extraction solutions and accessories, for all your needs. We have solutions for woodworking, brick-dust and even general industrial dust.

Our dust extraction systems work as air quality improvement systems used in industrial, commercial, and home production shops. The primary aim is to improve breathable air quality and to provide safety by removing particulate matter from the air and environment.

We work on the principle of capture, convey and collect. So let Flamefast work with your business, for your extraction needs.

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