LEV Certification & Insurance Companies


LEV Certification

Does your insurance company carry out your LEV certification?

Some insurance companies will test your LEV equipment as part of your insurance policy, if they do and your LEV fails then they will put a sticker on it and let you know, you will then have to stop using this equipment until it is brought back into compliance. Unfortunately, they will not be able to give you the reasons for the failure or a solution to the issues. Even though they often offer to ‘test’ the equipment, this does not necessarily mean that it will be a ‘Thorough Examination and Test’ (TExT).


This can cost you time and money; you can avoid this by having a service done on your extraction equipment prior to the Test being conducted, a bit like a Pre MOT on your car.  Any faults or defects will be quoted for and dealt with before hand to ensure that your equipment will pass and keep you fully compliant as well as your employees safe.


As our company has a wealth of knowledge and experience with multiple dust and fume extraction units, we can ensure that you don’t get any headaches from your equipment underperforming or failing the Test. In these difficult times, it is essential that your equipment operate at its optimum efficiency and effectiveness, to control any contaminants in the air. 

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