Why You Might Need Fume Extraction


Spray Booths

It’s pretty self explanatory. If your businesses involves spraying as a treatment or finish for a particular item, you’ll generally have some sort of spray booth as an integral part of your business. You could for example be spraying a car. You may wish to do this inside as you’ll want to keep it free from particulates and out of the potential effects of the weather. Both factors will effect the service you’ve given.

If you work in a spray booth, with your mask on, then as a general rule an extraction system is needed. Those fumes need to be released safely, especially if the fumes are combustable, toxic or cause your senses such as sight to be effected. Any work to do with paints and solvents is dangerous.

Welding fumes

This seems like a no-brainer, welding fumes can be toxic. Prolonged exposure as part of a daily task, could cause all kinds of health problems, let alone the fact of the gas torch in your hand.

Vehicle Exhausts

Goodness me, if you work in a garage, workshop or a vocational college with vehicle exhausts, you should be an expert on extraction.

Harmful gases that aren’t released will quickly have a detrimental effect on your body. If you wear a mask but the ventilation or extraction system is sub-standard. You could be endangering your colleagues or if you’re lucky, just yourself. It’s the employers responsibility that you have no health issues from your working day. Vehicle exhaust fumes seriously cause harm. If you work in that type of enviroment then a fume extraction system is essential

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